What our customers write about us

Heidi Ione Kremper 


I'd like to Thank you Richard Schrei. And Anne Beard for your services. Thank you for taking the time and energy to talk to me and helping me reach my true souls purpose. These People are amazing human beings. Highly recommended! True spiritual healing is a must. Much Love to you both.

Shannon Baugh


What to say.. if you are looking on this site. Something brought you here. Your here for a reason. I was led to Anne. She is amazing, the bad energy I had around me was suffocating. She cleansed it. The darkness inside she helped me fight it. Anne has driven 6 hours to spend a weekend with me. To make sure I was ok. Anne worked with me in her office and the work she did would of had to of been seen to be believed.

Carstil Dasilva


Anne does the best work healing past life regression you name it she probably had are can do it we came to her after meeting at a Mesa fire ritual did some work on my sister was able to remove a very negative energy she even came to our house saged even gave some really cool stuff to put in her house and a necklace she has the sweetest spirit entering her office you could feel the energy when you entered you could tell it was very well protected and safe space

Jen Wiles


I have chronic trigeminal neuralgia I have tried numerous treatments Botox, medications and acupuncture. For the first time in 5 years I have relief from Anne Beard at Body and Sole! I give her 5 stars and a huge hug! Thanks Anne for sharing your amazing gift with me!

Jeyd Automwolf


Backstory: When I was younger, I was a competition gymnast. I was on an all-star travelling team, and specialized in the balance beam. I began competing around 7 years of age, and my career ended at 14 years of age.

The spring after I turned 14, I was at a competition in Kansas; either Wichita or Topeka, I can’t remember which. I was up next on the uneven bars. My coaches had set my bars to the correct settings, like they had done countless times. Uneven bars were not my favorite; they made me anxious.

I had just started into my routine, when the bars started shaking. They had never done that before. I felt something was wrong before I knew it. I had just grabbed the high bar to flip around, when the bars collapsed under me. I was 14 feet in the air, then I wasn’t. The bars crashed into a pile, while I landed on top of them on my back. My low back cracked over either a metal side-brace or a bar itself, but I blacked out from pain.

I couldn’t feel my legs for days. My entire back and down my thighs turned black with bruising. The doctors told me I may never walk again. I was bedridden, and horribly depressed. After 6 weeks, I became determined to walk. So, I pushed myself in therapy more than I have ever done before or since. At week 12 I was able to walk with assistance. 6 months afterwards I could fully walk on my own, and sort of run.

Running hasn’t really been much of an option since then, but that’s ok. I don’t like to run anyway. I’m 35 now, and have lasting arthritis, sciatica, and nerve damage in my low back that runs down the sides of both legs. Sometimes, my legs go numb and fall out from under me; other times they feel like they have a blow torch on them and they burn. After the burning sensation wears off, it’s almost unbearable pain that feels very similar to when I first broke my back.

The L5-S1 area is the worst, but my entire tailbone never healed correctly after being broken. The pain rarely ever moves further up the spine, except occasionally some lower thoracic pain if my tailbone has been painful for several days with no relief. My hips are off-centered from the injury, too.

I have tried every therapy available, with results ranging from non-existent to moderate. Acupuncture has worked for a short time, but the results would only last a couple days. Massage works for about 48 hours, if that long. Water therapy was a joke and did not help at all. Weight training helped in that it made my core stronger, which allowed me to bear the pain better, but never eliminated the pain. Holistic therapies such as Reiki and Tuning Fork Therapy have helped tremendously and are my go-to choices when in massive pain. There are only two things that have really worked with lasting results, that lead to being pain-free, and that gave me my full mobility back. Those two things are stretching/yoga and Richard’s Divine Music Therapy healing tones.

[After 4 months]  No clue what time it is: This is the 2nd day at the largest music festival I have ever been to. I danced for 7 hours last night and went to bed at 4am. I haven’t done that since I was a teenager. I am really feeling it now, and my tailbone is on fire. I am walking to go sit under a tree for some quiet time and hopefully feel better. My legs are on fire, my back feels like a blowtorch is burning my skin, and my butt is spasming uncontrollably. I just finished the whole track and feel like a new person. I have some residual spasming down the sides of my thighs at the sciatic nerve, but it is decreasing. My back is not hurting, and my feet even feel fine! I feel like I could dance all night again! I probably will not, but I feel like I could!

I highly recommend these healing tones and frequencies for anybody for any reason at all. I have experienced unexplainable relief from pain that I had thought I would be forced to live with for the rest of my life. I honestly had forgotten what it felt like to be pain free. Now I am in awe of myself for doing all that I was in the state I was in. I have tried all kinds of muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory pills, and every pain cream made. I have tried herbal runs, salves, tonics, tinctures, poultices, and bathtub soaks filled with herbs I can barely pronounce. I can say with complete honesty that I have never experienced anything like these tones, and I can’t even explain to you how they work. All I can say is that they work, and they gave me my life back. I was able to rediscover things I like doing, such as hiking, kayaking, and gardening. Those were things I seriously struggled doing because of the pain I was carrying. I found an emotional weight was lifted as well. If anyone wants a personal recommendation for these, I’ll do it. If anyone wants to hear more about my story, I’ll tell them. I cannot say enough good things about these tones! I was more surprised at how they affected me emotionally, because I did not expect that at all. These tones led me to a deeper acceptance of and for my body than I had prior.

Richard, Thank you so much for sharing this healing modality with me. Thank you for creating these tones. I hope you never stop sharing these with people because it is life-changing. You are an angel and have a gift that is other-wordly. Thank you so so much!

Chris Hawkins


Anne offered her services to help with pain. I am extremely active and could not hardly walk in the morning and after 3 treatments I am much better.